There are many dry cleaners that claim to be eco-friendly.  Below are some reason why we are eco-friendly.

Dry Cleaning Machine:
  1. DEQ states that our state of the art dry cleaning machine uses eco-friendly solvent
  2. The machine we use is extremely energy efficient
  3. Fresh solvent used EACH and EVERY load
  4. Clothes come out of the machine odor free of solvent
Coolant System:
  1. There is water running through the dry cleaning machine to adjust the drying temperature.  We invested in a coolant system that recycles that water.(This is a rare piece of equipment that not many cleaners would invest in).  Dry cleaners have a 1 inch water pipe that runs through the coolant and down the drain.  Not us.  We recycle that water.  Not to be confused with water we use for laundry.  This has a water reduction of 30%!
Natural Gas:
  1. An american made Fulton is a high efficiency natural gas boiler
  2. Each steam pipe and steam trap is insulated which saves approximately 33% LESS natural gas.
Recycling Program:
  1. We recycle hangers
  2. We recycle cardboard
  3. We have implemented a store wide recycling program ranging from offices to lunch rooms.
  4. We have implemented a "Go Green" program.  This allows you, for a purchase of $12, to buy a convert-a-bag that reduces the plastic bags your finished clothes come in.
Finished Clothes:
  1. When you're are clothes are cleaned and finished, it comes time to package your clothing for you to take home.  To save the environment further than we are currently doing, we do not fill your clothes with unnecessary plastic clips, added paper, and cardboard.  We don't want to have to have a recycling bin next to your closet for unpacking your clothes.  Instead, we provide quality cleaning and finishing without all the waste to go with it.  With that, we are able to pass the savings on to you!